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Hello, in this year ST.Luke won the olimpic games and we were all surprised because Luke haven´t won for along time.

This are the results:

In first place ST.LUKE

In second place ST. JOHN

In third place ST. MATTHEW, and

In forht place ST.MARK

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    Comment: Wow its so awesome i like very much the page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
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    New page: Yes!!!!!!!!!! we got the third place we did it well, but the next year i know that we are going to do best and we are going to sorprise the other...
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    New page: Add a photoWe did very good we got the second place, the next year we have to gave the best i relly congratularte you , don´t matter if we don´t won...

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    New page: Add a photo Girls of Luke we won we did so good i congratulate you continue like that and we can win the next year, it was so fun!!!!!
  • new page St. Mark
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    New page: Girls of Mark we did the maximum of our posibilities we did it well, maybe the next year we can win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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